About Basilissa Organics 

We are a London based minimalist casual wear brand. Our mission is to expand the frontier of sustainable and ethical fashion, with a focus on quality over quantity.

As Basilissa we are obsessed with anything and everything organic, ethical and sustainable. Our comfortable pieces are made with organic cotton or recycled plastic bottles; we are committed to using ethically and ecologically sourced materials and production.

Founded in 2018, we pay respect to nature by offering strictly sustainable and ethical options, choosing manufacturing and production partners who are aligned with our vision.

All our products are designed, printed, embroidered and packaged in the UK. For the time being our products are manufactured and cotton sourced in either Bangladesh & India, but we hope to move to using cotton farmed and utilized in Turkey, reducing our carbon footprint. 

We donate 10% of our profits to the charity Fauna & Flora International. You can find out what they do at www.fauna-flora.org


- Care for your health and environment, the farmers who grow the cotton you wear & the garment workers who make your clothes -